Graduate without attending a ceremony (in absentia)

You can choose to graduate without attending a ceremony. This is called graduating in absentia. Your award will still be conferred at a ceremony and you'll receive your award certificate (testamur) later. Graduating in absentia is offered in Australia and Malaysia.

When to apply

When you apply to graduate in absentia, check the ceremony dates in your country and the relevant application deadlines.

Applying late

If you apply after the application close date for a round, your application will be in the next eligible ceremony round, so your award certificate and official digital graduation documents won't be available until after then.

An application for in absentia graduation might be accepted after the close of applications. This is at the discretion of the graduation unit and a late graduation fee will apply.

If you don't apply

We really encourage you to get your award certificate (testamur) and official graduation documents. You’ll find it handy to have this evidence of your award when applying for a job or future studies.

Coursework students

Once you're qualified to graduate, we'll email you at least twice to remind you to apply to graduate.

If you don't apply after a year of being qualified to graduate, we'll automatically graduate you in absentia. And we'll ask you to arrange to get your award certificate (testamur) and other documents.

How to receive your documents

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