Special requirements

You can list any special requirements when you apply to graduate or until the cut-off date for making changes. See update your application for deadlines.

Accessibility needs

We can arrange for:

  • assistance on stage (due to injury or disability)
  • wheelchair access.

For guests, we can arrange a wheelchair bay or aisle seat if required.

Let us know by adding this information in the special requirements field of your graduation application or lodging an enquiry online.

See the Clayton campus mobility map (pdf, 0.77 mb)

Children at graduations

If bringing children to your graduation, one of your guests will need to supervise them during the ceremony, which runs for about 90 minutes.

During the ceremony, children cannot:

  • sit with you while you’re waiting to receive your award
  • go on stage with you.

Infants and small children can get restless, so please arrive early to secure guest seats near the aisle, just in case they need to make an early exit.

You can't take your pram into the Robert Blackwood Hall. Please leave it in the space set aside in the foyer.

Do children need tickets?

Children older than four need their own seat ticket.

Children under four don't need a ticket if they sit on a guest's lap. If they want their own seat, they will need a ticket.

Posthumous awards

If a student has passed away, a family member can request a posthumous award. This is subject to approval by University Council.

There are three options:

  • graduating in attendance, with a family member representing the deceased student
  • graduating without attending a ceremony (in absentia) and receiving the award certificate (testamur) in the mail
  • family receiving the certificate from the faculty at a private occasion.

The family need to advise the student's faculty which option they prefer. For posthumous award procedures, staff should see the procedure below.

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