Update your application

You can check the status of your application and make changes using the view/update graduation application link in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

Deadline to make changes

You can update your contact details in WES anytime. We need your current postal and email address to:

  • email confirmation of transactions and ceremony details
  • post your official documents.

Changes up to 30 days before your ceremony

Current students Past students

After applying to graduate, you can use WES to update your application up to 30 days before your ceremony. During this time, you can:

  • change from attending to not attending (in absentia)
  • defer your graduation to a future ceremony
  • change any special requirements (eg wheelchair access)
  • update your alternative email address for graduation messages (we recommend an ongoing personal email address)
  • update your gown requirements
  • update how your name will appear on your certificate.

Changes less than 30 days before your ceremony

Request update

To make changes less than 30 days before your ceremony, you need to submit an online request. During this time you can request the following changes:

  • change from attending to not attending (in absentia)
  • update any special requirements (eg wheelchair access).

For changes from not attending (in absentia) to attending, you can still submit an online request. We'll look at whether there's a place available to accommodate you, and let you know how to pay the attendance fee and other details.

Refund dates

If you decide to change your application from attending to not attending (in absentia), you need to do so by the refund deadline to receive a refund. You apply for a refund in WES.

Ceremony Last day to apply for a refund
April (Malaysia) 18 March
May (Australia) 26 April
June (China) 8 June
July (Australia Award) 11 July
October (Australia) 4 October
November (Malaysia) 11 October
December (Australia) 22 November

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