Remarking of Assessment

In-semester assessment 

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to check marked assignments upon return. Students are expected to raise with the tutor any queries about their mark as soon as possible but no later than two weeks after their release back to the students.
  2. If the matter remains unresolved after discussing it with the tutor, the student must take it to the Unit Lecturer of the relevant campus.
  3. In consultation with the Chief Examiner, the Unit Lecturer will attempt to resolve the issue directly with the student. If after discussing the issue with the Unit Lecturer of the relevant campus, the student still believes that there is an error in the marking of his/her assignment, the student may then proceed directly with a request for a re-mark.
  4. Requests for a re-mark must be made in writing to the Chief Examiner (or Course Director, where the Chief Examiner is the Unit Lecturer), documenting the specific grounds for the request. Re-mark requests must include the corrected work, and, where practical, an identical “clean” copy. The Chief Examiner may reject any request considered vexatious or frivolous. The Chief Examiner shall, where possible, nominate an independent marker to re-mark the student work; limitations on suitable markers in the specific field may sometimes prevent this “blind” marking.
  5. Re-marking can result in an increase or decrease in marks. Where there is less than 10% difference between the original and the second mark, the second mark will apply. In cases where the difference between the original mark and the second mark is 10% or greater, the Chief Examiner will consult the two markers (i.e. original and re-marker) on the appropriate mark to be applied. Where the Chief Examiner has been one of the two markers, then the Course Director shall assume the role of Chief Examiner in consulting the two markers.
  6. If a student is still dissatisfied, an appeal should be made to the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), whose decision is final within the Faculty.
  7. Schools must keep a record of all formal requests for re-marking, indicating the unit, semester, and outcome.
  8. Upon completion of the re-marking process, the Chief Examiner (or where appropriate, the Course Director) will undertake to advise the original marker of the outcome.

Final examination

  1. If a student believes that there is an error in the marking of her/his final examination, the student must contact the Unit Lecturer of the relevant campus no later than six weeks after publication of results for the previous examination period (or for Semester 2, the first six weeks of Semester 1 for the following year).
  2. If after discussing the matter with the Unit Lecturer of the relevant campus the student still believes that there is an error in the marking of their examination, the student may then proceed directly with a request for a re-mark according to procedures 4 to 6.

Date effective

Semester 1, 2010

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This policy applies to all units taught by the Faculty of Information Technology.




Unit Assessment Procedures, section G
2. Blind Marking
7. Remarking

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Version History
Approved at Faculty Education Committee 3/10, 3 June, 2010
Amended at Faculty Education Committee 4/11, 14 July, 2011