Daniel Dalton

Daniel Dalton

Daniel Dalton

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Year commenced: 2013
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Computer Science

Why did you choose Monash?

My choice of university was out of three or four universities in Melbourne. Monash was the most attractive for me for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly was the Industry Based Learning (IBL) program, as I know how valuable industry experience is. The Monash IBL seemed to suit me better than what other universities had to offer. The other factor in my decision was that Monash is the closest university to my home which made travel more convenient.

What attracted you to IT?

I always had a passion for IT. This got serious in mid high school when I worked on a couple of open source projects. These projects were Rockbox - an open source firmware replacement for MP3 players and latex-access - an add on for screen readers to produce a more friendly variant of latex math in both braille and text to speech for the blind. I really enjoyed having the ability to build and implement my ideas in software and decided that this is the field that I would like to work in.

What made you choose the specialisation/major you studied?

I did not study any particular major. I tried to choose units that sounded interesting to me or that I thought would help me in industry. Examples are software design and c++ as important units for industry and parallel computing as something that I find quite interesting.

Tell us about what you studied – What was it? What did it involve? What did you actually do?

I learnt about software development - algorithms and the underlying theory of computation. Ultimately I learnt to design and develop useful software that is efficient.

I have taken several units focused on algorithm design to solve programming problems efficiently. Other units are focused on practical programming. I was also involved in a research unit which was looking at ways to make maps accessible to blind people on a tablet. This gave me the opportunity to apply the skills I have learnt across the course to the project.

What was the favourite thing about the field you studied?

My favourite part of this field was the endless amount of opportunity. I really enjoyed being able to come up with a concept for an app or piece of software and being able to build this myself which was very rewarding.

Apart from study, what else are you involved in both at Monash and off campus? (Paid work, sport, clubs, hobbies etc)?

At Monash I was involved in the IBL program in 2014. I have also worked closely with Kim Marriott and Cagatay Goncu on the GraVVITAS project as a casual research assistant which provides a way to blind people to explore diagrams on an ipad.

I was involved in a team sport for the blind called Goalball. I was selected on the Australian team to play in the IBSA world games a qualification tournament for the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

I was also the secretary for the Victorian Goalball Association the local goalball club in Melbourne. Otherwise my interests are traveling, snow skiing, wakeboarding, cycling and coding.

What has been the highlight of your course so far?
The highlight of my course was the IBL placement in second semester 2014. I got the opportunity to do real work at Deloitte and got to see lots of my code make it to production which was really rewarding. I also met lots of great people and made many valuable connections. Getting paid and not having to worry about assignments was also a plus.

What is the best thing about being a student at Monash?

I think the environment that Monash seeks to create is the best part about Monash. It is a great learning environment and whenever there is something you are unsure about or requires clarification there are always people around willing to help and support.

What advice do you have for prospective students starting uni next year?

Choosing units that I enjoy and a field that I enjoy has definitely been the best for me and made uni enjoyable. Also getting involved in as much as you can around the university as early on in your degree is something I would definitely encourage.

What do you hope to do after graduating?

After graduating I hope to find myself a job as a software developer somewhere as this is really where my passion lies. However, I would eventually like to work my way up to more of a management or product manager role as I would like to be involved at a higher level and interact with stakeholders.

Is there anything else interesting about yourself or about your study that you would like to share with prospective students? For example, have you taken part in an overseas exchange or study abroad and/or have you worked on any interesting projects as part of your course?

Apart from the above one interesting thing I have done was interned at Google Sydney. I interned at Google in the 2013-2014 summer after one of my first year tutors encouraged me to apply for the internship. I was fortunate to be invited back again for the 2014-2015 summer and am going back for my final internship at the end of the year. Google is a great place to work and definitely lives up to the hype with the free meals, snacks and even a smoothie bar in the office. Aside from these perks working in this environment gave me a lot of practical experience being surrounded by some of the smartest people in this field.