Guest lecturers

Our Guest Lecture Program provides Monash IT students with an inspirational learning environment, insight into contemporary business practices and professional role models.

Experts in the field share their knowledge, their career journeys and provide crucial advice to prepare students for life after university.

Hearing new voices exposes our students to different points of view, and enhances their learning experience by providing real world examples to bring the theory to life. It keeps our lectures exciting and relevant and gives industry the opportunity to influence the next generation of IT professionals.

Hear from our guest lecturers and students

Brandon Stafford, PwC

Thank you for welcoming me and making me feel so comfortable in the intimidating environment of presenting to these bright young minds! I really appreciate your feedback, it's great to know that the content was useful to the students.” PwC – Director, Technology Consulting

Student testimonial

Sol: "Thanks for a very stimulating and interesting seminar on robotics and automation. One of the highlights of being an IT Wiz is being able to automate your life as much as possible. It's great to see this skill set and technology applied to industry and shaping the future in a major way."

Matt Kennedy, EY

Thanks so much for having us and I’m so glad the presentation was enjoyed by so many! Always happy to give back to the IBL program that helped me so much.” EY – Senior Consultant, Advanced Security Centre

Student testimonials

Anuj: "Today's seminar was very good. It was engaging and humorous and gave a lot of insight into the day-to-day work involved for security teams at EY. It was very helpful getting practical examples of the work they complete so it’s easier to understand the possible work we could be completing one day."

Sankeerth: "I really appreciated the presentation given by Matthew as he gave an insight into a career path which I didn't know much about. In addition to this, he also made his presentation very simple and easy to understand which kept me engaged throughout the seminar."