Digital Equity

Innovative and effective information technology in government, business and civil society

Formerly the Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics (COSI).

Digital Equity contributes to the development of individuals, organisations, and society through research on human-centred design and deployment of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Digital Equity seeks to optimise the social, cultural and economic benefits of ICT by focusing the complexities and needs of the social networks it serves.

Digital Equity fosters interdisciplinary collaboration with national and international researchers, industry and community research partners and other stakeholders. Our researchers work in knowledge management, information technology management, information systems development, archival systems, e-commerce and m-commerce, community networking, librarianship, and computing education.

Digital Equity builds on and extends research of its predecessor, the Enterprise Information Research Group. The EIRG brought together a diverse group of researchers and research activities with the common objective of improving enterprise and interpersonal information flow and recorded memory – an internationally recognised area of research strength at Monash since 2000.

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Research groups

Records Continuum Research Group (RCRG)
The Records Continuum Research Group (RCRG) is the focal point for a community of national and international researchers, educators and practitioners developing archival and recordkeeping theory and practice to meet the complex challenges of the digital and networked information age.
Knowledge Management Research Program (KMRP)