Annual Plan 2018

Focus Library

The Library's Mission: Inspiring and enabling the Monash University community through exceptional expertise, scholarly resources, spaces and technologies, and through extensive collaboration and outreach.

Annual Plan 2018
Monash University strives to achieve excellence in research and education, built through a deep and extensive engagement with the world, to serve the good of our communities and environmentThis vision is laid out in the University's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Focus Monash. The Library makes a profound contribution to the success of the University and its strategic priorities.  This 2018 Annual Plan – Focus Library (pdf) – provides details of our response to Focus Monash for the coming year and of the priority areas that will be our focus.

Strategy map 2018-2020 provides a summary of key initiatives and enhancements to be undertaken as part of the plan.

Strategy map card 2018-2020