The Library provides advice about research data management to researchers and to the faculties and units that support them. We also work with the Monash e-Research Centre and eSolutions to facilitate access to technical expertise and solutions, and can make referrals to other university experts in areas such as intellectual property and ethics.

We share what we do with data management professionals at other institutions, so that research data management as a whole will improve across the research sector.


Good data management is an essential part of effective and responsible research practice. Researchers can save time, reduce risk, and enhance their research profiles by adopting best practice for the data that they obtain, generate, use and re-use and by considering how to share and disseminate data as part of the results.

The Library offers advice, training sessions and referrals to individuals and research teams that can:

  • expand your understanding of data planning, storage and backup, ethics, intellectual property and other topics with our easy-to-read guidelines and pointers to key resources
  • develop data management skills that are essential in the research environment and can be transferred to other workplaces
  • consult e-Research specialists who can allocate high-quality digital storage for your projects and help you identify, adopt, adapt or develop technical solutions for organising and documenting your data.

Faculties and units

Faculties and units have a large role to play in improving research data management at Monash University. The Library can work with you to develop a coordinated approach to data management for your faculty or unit, so that you can:

  • keep up to date with the changing requirements of government, funding agencies and publishers
  • build good governance - how to keep data management on the agenda and get the right people working together
  • find authoritative sources of information and advice relevant to your staff and students
  • develop strategies to customise and embed research data skills programs for graduate research students
  • access technical support and solutions for storing, organising, sharing and publishing data.

Data management professionals

Monash University is a recognised leader world-wide and in Australia for efforts to improve the management of data that is generated by and used for research. We aim to build capacity and capability at our own institution and across the sector as a whole by:

  • promoting re-use of the methods and tools that we develop by focusing on open access to resources and open source software
  • sharing our experiences with colleagues through presentations, papers and networking
  • collaborating with and providing advice to other institutions and professional groups
  • participating in the activities and communities facilitated by national infrastructure initiatives like the Australian National Data Service.