Monash University's Research Data Management Strategy and Strategic Plan 2012-2015 [pdf 196kB] was publicly released on 13 April 2012.

A Word version of the Strategy [doc 159kB] is also available.

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Monash University Research Data Management Strategy - Version for Public Release is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Background to the strategy

Monash University is a recognised leader world-wide and in Australia for efforts to improve the management of the data generated by and used for research. Research data management milestones since 2006 include:

  • the establishment of governance structures that provide leadership and coordination
  • development and approval of a research data management policy and associated procedures
  • the creation of ongoing and project-based advisory and technical roles dedicated to research data management, and inclusion of data management responsibilities in a wide range of other roles (e.g. subject librarians)
  • active programs of professional development that have increased the knowledge and skills of researchers (including graduate research students) and professional staff

The Research Data Management Strategy and Strategic Plan 2012-2015 outlined an extended program of activities to holistically address technology, professional development and cultural change. The strategy took as its starting point the following statement of intent.

Monash University recognises that research data that is better managed, more discoverable and available for re-use will contribute to increased research impact, enhanced research practice (including collaboration) and improved education outcomes. The University aims to maintain its national leadership role around research data management and to fulfil compliance requirements and community expectations. All members of the Monash University community share responsibility to improve research data management in a coordinated and integrated way. This strategy supports the research, education and professional services strategies developed as part of the Monash Futures program.

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