Advice and planning

Research data management advice, and informed referral to other services for resolving data management issues, can be directly requested at

Other sources of expertise across the University include:

Library staff can point you in the direction of relevant policy frameworks and funder guidelines, assist with data planning, help identify data archives and repositories in your subject area, provide advice about documentation standards, and run information sessions and training workshops in your area.

Monash eResearch Centre
MeRC offers large amounts of high quality digital data storage and provides advice about technical solutions for organising, documenting and disseminating data. MeRC staff will consult with you to determine your data management requirements and can suggest options from a portfolio of solutions available at Monash and through national service providers. Where no solution is currently available that meets your needs, MeRC may work with you to identify a strategy for adopting, adapting or developing a solution, and can scope the resources required for projects of this kind.

Copyright Advisors
The Library's Copyright Advisors can give you guidance on all aspects of copyright and provide tools (e.g. document templates) to help with seeking permission for use of third party content. They lead the Copyright Information Session for academic and professional staff and the Introduction to Copyright and Intellectual Property exPERT seminars and masterclasses for research students and their supervisors.

University Solicitor's Office
The University's legal advisors can help you with legal and contractual aspects of research data ownership, copyright and other intellectual property e.g. in relation to funding agreements.

Industry Engagement and Commercialisation
Staff can help you with aspects of identifying, protecting and commercially exploiting intellectual property in data that you generate. They can also assist with the drafting of data transfer agreements, especially for physical research data (e.g. tissue samples).

Human Ethics - Research Office
Provide advice on all aspects of research ethics.

Privacy Officer and Privacy Coordinators
Provide advice on privacy aspects of data management.

Records and Archives Service
RAS staff can advise you on statutory requirements and standards for retention, appraising research data and records for archival significance, and secure destruction of data.