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It's more than just a room. It's a community
offering diversity, leadership, friendships,
support and safety. It's independent living
with support available 24/7 from dedicated
residential staff and security personnel.

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Discover Clayton campus' new student apartments

We recruited four of Australia's best architecture firms to design four new residences - that's 1000 new single occupancy studios - on the Clayton campus. Each building features communal spaces, landscaped gardens and comfortable living areas. Each building aims to achieve a five star 'Green Star - As Built' rating. A lot of thought has gone into the designs which are functional and exciting, exceeding best practice and reflecting Australian excellence.


Turner Hall

Turner Hall houses 250 residents. The spacious communal areas overlook green spaces. Designed by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects, the building opened in October 2015.


Holman Hall and Campbell Hall

Designed by Hayball and Richard Middleton Architects, these buildings house 250 residents each and both are situated in the heart of the campus. Both buildings opened in January 2016.


Logan Hall

Logan Hall was designed by McBride Charles Ryan Architects and features 250 studio rooms. Shops and cafes on the ground floor due to open later this year will create a vibrant, urban feel.

Choose your location



Servicing the Caulfield and Clayton campuses, Clayton offers studio apartments, traditional Halls of Residence and apartment-style accommodation.



At Berwick, you'll find a range of shared apartment-style rooms and traditional Halls of Residence rooms with ensuites.



Choose from a range of one to eight bedroom fully furnished apartments, located on or within walking distance of the campus.



If you want to live off-campus, contact our off-campus advisory service. We can give you guidance, information, resources and advocacy.

Choose the right space for you

  • Studios
  • Apartments
  • Traditional Halls of Residence
  • Studios

    Our studio apartments are single occupancy, self-contained units. Approximately 20sqm, they are equipped with modern amenities. Plus, you'll also have access to large communal spaces.

  • Apartments

    If you want to share with friends or would prefer to live in single gender accommodation, consider an apartment. You'll enjoy the experience of a shared house whilst still living in a supportive on-campus community.

  • Traditional Halls of Residence

    It's all about lifestyle in the Halls of Residence. Rooms are comfortable and cheerful, with shared bathrooms and kitchens. Students shop and cook together, experimenting with a range of foods from different cultures.


Everything you need

You can join in a range of social and cultural events. Develop skills to become a community leader. Plus you can engage in academic events and study groups, building life-long connections and networks.

  • convenient location

  • exceptional facilities

  • large communal spaces

  • 24/7 residential support and security

  • 1GB/s high speed wired internet connection

  • all-inclusive rental rate

  • leadership, development and training opportunities

  • social, cultural, academic and sport programs


Great facilities

  • Internet access

  • Communal activities

  • 24/7 support

  • Residential activities

  • All-inclusive

  • Leadership activities

  • Sports

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Student experience - new studios

Hear about our new residential developments


Hear from our students

James Dean

"The convenience of living at halls is more than the 5 minute walk to class - it's convenience for my lifestyle. MRS made it easy for me to have someone to walk with on the first day, people I could eat with at night and made me meet people who would eventually become like 'family' to me."
James Dean, Normanby House

Beth Dortmans

"Living on res provides a wonderful opportunity to make friends from all different areas of Australia and the world. An environment for socialising as well as study, with a variety of opportunities to gain from older fellow residents. Res really is like a home away from home."
Beth Dortmans, Peninsula Campus


Ashton Chatfield

"Being a residential advisor has enabled me the opportunity to contribute to the inclusive community and safe and supportive environment that is MRS."
Ashton Chatfield, Richardson Hall

Darcie Jongerius

"The convenience and benefit of on-campus living is the diverse interaction I receive on a daily basis. This is consistently allowing me to grow and expand my confidence with a wide range of people."
Darcie Jongerius, Roberts Hall


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Studio apartments (Clayton campus)

Applications are now open for our single occupancy, self-contained studio apartments.

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Traditional Halls of Residence (Clayton) and accommodation at Berwick and Peninsula

Applications are now open for new students who have never lived on campus at Monash Residential Services before.

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