Printing / photocopying

MADA provides a variety of printing services, including A3/A4 printing and photocopying, and large format printing.

A3/A4 Laser Printing

For general information about using student labs printing, refer to Computer labs and printing.

A3/A4 Photocopying

MADA has its own photocopying credit system. Your student card is used to store your credit. This MADA photocopying credit is NOT linked to other systems in University. Credit store on the card is not refundable. You can recharge your card at Card Cashier or EFTPOS reloading machine located in Building G, Room G1.29. The reader may report "invalid" when you scan your card for the first time. If it does, please wait a few seconds and try again.

Photocopiers can be found in Building G, Room G1.29 and Building G, Level 2 Studios. The Toshiba colour printer in Building G, Room G1.29 is also a colour photocopier.

How to photocopy

  1. Scan printing card on card reader (usually on the right hand side of the copier)
  2. Enter PIN (or create new PIN)
  3. Press "Start" to start copying.

Photocopying charges

 Double-sided (Duplex)Single-sided (Simplex)
Black & White A4$0.16$0.12
Black & White A3$0.26$0.16
Colour A4$1.80$1.00
Colour A3$2.80$2.00

Large Format Printing

MADA provides photo quality, single-sided, large format printing.

How to print

Log onto Service Desk Online and select IT Service Request - Request now with the following information:

  1. Paper size (e.g. A1, A2)
  2. Paper type (e.g. Matt, Gloss)
  3. Number of print(s)
  4. Expected collection date
  5. Mobile contact number.

Attach your Artwork to the request by pressing the + symbol next to Attachments.

Note: Artwork file(s) needs to be in both Adobe Suite format and PDF format with the following settings:

  • Embed fonts and / or outline special fonts used
  • Choose the correct settings for the document size
  • Ensure the artwork is set to the correct requested print size
  • Convert the document to CMYK
  • Flatten all images.

Estimated time

You will be contacted and advised of expected collection time once the final artwork file has been received and checked by the support staff. An estimated completion time can only be determined after all required details have been confirmed (files, paper size, type, number of copies).

Please note that there are significant demands on large format printing during peak times i.e. end of semester. Log a ticket early to ensure you get your printings done on time. As a rule of thumb, please allow one week turn-around time. Requests without artwork or incorrect settings will be further delayed.

Printing charges

Payment will be made on Art Design & Architecture online store at the time you collect your print(s). Payment by credit card only - please make sure you have the card with you when you collect your print.

If prints are to be charged via Monash's Internal Charging, please provide the Cost Centre & Fund Code in the request.

 Matte 180gsmGloss 180gsmYour Paper
44" Roll per lineal metre 

Note: Paper is not sold separately.

Other Information

  • Printer: Epson 9800
  • Maximum print width: 1110mm
  • Print quality cannot be guaranteed if own paper is used
  • No double-sided printing.