Travelling to Peninsula campus using EastLink

Travel from the Eastern suburbs to Monash Peninsula has been made easier with the opening of the EastLink freeway which interlinks the Monash and Eastern Freeways allowing travel time from the City to Frankston to be significantly decreased.

E-Tag, Breeze Tag and Trip Passes

The original Citylink E-Tag can be used on the new EastLink Freeway. Alternatively, if users do not have a Citylink E-Tag, they can obtain the new EastLink Breeze Tag which can also be used on City link. The Breeze Tag can be obtained at any EastLink customer centre.

Non-Tag Accounts

A Non-Tag account is for those who do not wish to have or unable to have an E-Tag or Breeze Tag attached to their vehicle such as a motorcycle but still be able to use EastLink whenever you want. This is called a "Breeze non-tag account" and can be obtained at any EastLink customer centre.

Trip Passes

Trip passes can be purchased at participating Australia Post offices, Coles Express shops and Bill EXPRESS newsagents.

Further information on EastLink