Outstanding contributions to inclusivity recognised

We're proud to be a leader in social justice and inclusion. As a socially responsible institution, we're continually working to better ourselves and ensure we provide an inclusive and safe environment for all students and staff.

We reaffirmed our commitment to fairness and protection to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, with the Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity and Inclusion Awards, presented on Wednesday 29 August 2018 .

Held yearly as part of Diversity and Inclusion Week, the Awards recognise the efforts of staff and students who contribute significantly to an inclusive environment and culture at the University.

Professor David Copolov, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Major Campuses and Student Engagement) hosted the Awards event, attended by more than 170 staff and students. Chief Executive Officer of Scope, Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, provided the keynote presentation.

Monash Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Education), Professor Susan Elliott, congratulated all nominees, and presented the awards.

Award recipients

Joseph N. Goh, Vizla Kumaresan and Sharon A. Bong

School of Arts and Social Sciences - Monash Malaysia  

This group from the School of Arts and Social Sciences (Monash Malaysia) initiated the design and implementation of a blended Continuing Education Excellence Development (CEED) module for university staff at Monash Malaysia called ‘Understanding Gender Inclusivity in Malaysia’.

NUR1013: Indigenous Health for Nursing and Midwifery Practice Teaching Team

Cath Wilson, Professor Karen Adams, Petah Atkinson, Heather Buttigieg, Amy Corlass, Dr Liesl Heinrich
School of Nursing and Midwifery

In collaboration with the Gukwonderuk Indigenous Engagement Unit and the Indigenous Health Curriculum Committee, the team developed the unit and education resources that promotion Indigenous inclusion across disciplines within the Faculty.

Monash BDI Infection and Immunity Institute

Professor Jamie Rossjohn, Dr Gabrielle Watson, Professor Nicole La Gruta, Professor Ramesh Rajan, Dr Erica Tandori, Sabrina Constantin

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

The Inaugural Sensory Scientific Exhibition and Discovery Day for the low vision community (supported by over 50 volunteers) attracted about 90 attendees, who had the opportunity to explore the world of immunity and infection through interactive exhibits specifically designed for a low or no vision audience.

Querelle Team

Andrea Duval, Theodore Murray, Alex Russel, Sarah Allison, Annabelle Ballard, Basia Mitula, Justin Jones Li, Leo Maletzke, Georgina Squires, Nicholas Reader, Daniela Koulikov, Sylvia Madd, Laura Smith, Michelle Devlin, Caleb Darwent

Monash Student Association

In July 2017, the Monash Queer Collective won the bid to produce the 2018 iteration of Querelle, an annual national queer student magazine. The focal point of this year’s Querelle magazine has been visibility within and outside the queer community of those who are too often relegated to the sidelines.

Aye Chan Lwin

School of Business – Monash Malaysia

Aye Chan Lwin is a trained Engineer and Project Management Professional who initiated and drove a ‘Train the Trainer’ project management program to support capacity building and skills development for Community Project Leaders in rural Myanmar.

Babak Salamatinia

School of Engineering - Monash Malaysia

Dr. Babak Salamatinia is a Senior Lecturer at School of Engineering, Monash Malaysia. In response to the School’s initiative in community engagement, he worked with Engineers without Borders (EWB) and Engineering students in Malaysia to set up Engineers without Borders Chapter in Monash University Malaysia (EWB-MUM).

Tammie Choi

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

In July 2017, Dr Tammie Choi established the Monash Nutrition Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Student Mentoring Group. After offering voluntary informal support to international students in the Monash Nutrition as a postgraduate student, Tammie identified a need for a structured and proactive approach to supporting inclusive education for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


MADA Indigenous Inclusion Working Party (IIWP), Art, Design and Architecture

Peta Clancy, Dr Terri Bird, Dr Brian Martin, Dr Helen Johnson, Dr Daniel Palmer, Daniel von Sturmer, Dr Spiros Panigirakis, Charity Edwards, Anna Daly, Dr Alysia Bennett, Dr James Oliver, Anita Blom, Dr Tom Nicholson, Dr Tara McKenzie, Maya Hodge, Dr Tom Morgan, Ruth Bain

The volunteer working party established terms of reference towards an overall objective to make MADA an attractive environment for Indigenous practitioners and scholarship and a leader in contemporary Indigenous creative practice. The IIWP and resulting action plan were developed to increase the presence of Indigenous culture, knowledge and approaches to creative practice at MADA.

Ruth Jeanes, Education

Ruth connected with Disability Service Organisation Wallara to develop the ‘Keep on Learning’ Health and Physical Education program that supports 20 people who have a range of disabilities to work with 75 Faculty of Education undergrad students annually. The program generates an engaging and shared sport, physical activity and movement experience.

Sean Mulcahy, Arts

Sean has been instrumental in the initiation and development of a Guide for union and employer representatives on LGBTI issues. Through the development of this guide, Sean has been able to negotiate surrogacy leave provisions into an enterprise agreement at his casual workplace – a first in Victoria.

Theodore Murray, Law

Theodore has delivered a diverse array of events not simply to promote Querelle and raise money for the 2018 issue, but to foster and empower the queer community at Monash. His work has uplifted a broad cross-section of the queer community, giving them access to a space where they are able to tell the diverse stories that need to be told, in order to produce representative and intersectional queer art.