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Pandemic buying: Aussie still flock to physical stores despite increase in online shoppers

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian consumers still flocked to bricks-and-mortar stores to buy household items rather than use online channels.


Workplaces must take greater role in addressing sexual harassment

Employers must change their workplace cultures to encourage staff who are victims of sexual assault to come forward, Monash University researchers say.


Monash University and oNKo-innate Announce Research Partnership

An innovative research partnership has been established between Monash University and new Melbourne-based start up, oNKo-innate Pty Ltd.

Medicine & health

Delayed breast cancer detection increases government, individual costs: study

Australian women are encouraged to present for regular breast cancer screening to avoid long-term increases in medical bills, new research shows.

Monash University news

Stigmatisation impacts GP attendance, medication use and health of same-sex couples

Australians in same-sex relationships who experience ongoing stigmatisation visit their GP less and use more antidepressant medication, a new study finds.


Australia lags in achieving energy benchmarks by 2030

New research by Monash Business School shows Australia will miss its energy target in 2030 by half.


'Safe haven' cryptocurrencies sink along with rest of market during COVID crash

Will cryptocurrency secure investments against plummeting stockmarkets during the COVID-19 pandemic? Don't bank on it!


Slow internet? How COVID-19 is stressing online infrastructure in your country

Monash University researchers have created a Global Internet Pressure map that measures the strain COVID-19 is putting on internet infrastructure across the world.


Refugees cling to education for social, economic support

Governments must prioritise education to help reduce marginalisation of the world's 65 million refugees, a Monash University study has found.