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Monash tops the field with over $13 million for future fellowships

Monash University researchers have been awarded over $13 million in Future Fellowships which will be used to drive innovation and facilitate industry collaboration to meet important commercial challenges.

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Groundbreaking project powers Australia's future using renewables

The Federal Government has announced a further half a million dollars in funding to a Monash University-led project to investigate the integration of renewables into the energy grid.

Engineering & technology

Flood mapping technology to save lives, communities in India

Researchers at IITB-Monash Research Academy have developed new technology to help authorities in India save lives and communities at risk of extreme flooding and other natural disasters.

Engineering & technology

Monash celebrates Laureate Professor

Professor Huanting Wang from the Faculty of Engineering has received an ARC Laureate Fellowship for his work that supports innovations in renewable energy and clean water.


Social Robots - A new tool in health care that may be as effective as a human clinician

A Monash Researcher has found that interactive robots are proving useful in helping people develop and implement healthy lifestyle habits.

Medicine & health

Applying 'magic angle' twistronics to manipulate the flow of light

Monash University researchers are part of a global team applying 'twistronics' concepts to manipulate the flow of light in extreme ways.

Engineering & technology

Turn it up: Researchers optimise air conditioners to prevent drivers losing their cool

Truck drivers globally could soon have access to state-of-the-art temperature control in their cabins that reduces windscreen condensation and improves comfort.

Engineering & technology

Ultrathin nanosheets separate ions from water

Monash University researchers have created an ultrathin membrane to completely separate potentially harmful ions from water.

Engineering & technology

Australian researchers set record for carbon dioxide capture

Researchers from Monash University and the CSIRO have set a record for carbon dioxide capture using Metal Organic Frameworks.

Engineering & technology