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Monash tops the field with over $13 million for future fellowships

Monash University researchers have been awarded over $13 million in Future Fellowships which will be used to drive innovation and facilitate industry collaboration to meet important commercial challenges.

University news

New drug targets the clots that can kill: A potential treatment for heart attack and stroke prevention

Monash researchers have developed a drug that can be potentially given as a preventative against heart attack.

Medicine & health

Hormones are not the key to younger women's sexual function

A study into the causes of sexual dysfunction in young women has found social factors are as important as hormone levels.

Medicine & health

How to repair your gut

Monash University researchers identify a key biomolecule that enhances the repair of your gut by prompting stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue.

Medicine & health

Looks like epilepsy but isn't: Introducing PNES Disease

One in four people who are tested for epilepsy do not have the disease but instead have a psychological condition known as PNES

Medicine & health

World first: International study reveals global environmental impacts of health care

Environmental change is harming health, but our current models of health care are harming the environment too.

Medicine & health

Monash program to eradicate mosquito-borne viruses shortlisted to receive $140 million

A Monash-led project to eradicate mosquito-borne viruses worldwide, including dengue and Zika, has been shortlisted to receive a $AUD140 million grant from the MacArthur Foundation in the US.


Distress and pain key reasons for prescription opioid abuse

A study led by Monash University, Turning Point and Ambulance Victoria, shows distress and pain are the key reasons for opioid abuse.

Medicine & health

Australian universities join forces to tackle inflammatory lung disease

A new spin-out company, RAGE Biotech, will develop novel therapies designed to help patients with chronic inflammatory lung diseases, supported by investment from IP Group, Monash University (Monash) and The University of Western Australia (UWA).<

Medicine & health