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Distress and pain key reasons for prescription opioid abuse

A study led by Monash University, Turning Point and Ambulance Victoria, shows distress and pain are the key reasons for opioid abuse.

Medicine & health

Australian universities join forces to tackle inflammatory lung disease

A new spin-out company, RAGE Biotech, will develop novel therapies designed to help patients with chronic inflammatory lung diseases, supported by investment from IP Group, Monash University (Monash) and The University of Western Australia (UWA).<

Medicine & health

One million epilepsy patients in China missing out on beneficial surgery

An team researching the causes and outcomes of epilepsy patients in China suggest a standard operation could leave them seizure-free.

Medicine & health

Monash celebrates Laureate Professor

Professor Huanting Wang from the Faculty of Engineering has received an ARC Laureate Fellowship for his work that supports innovations in renewable energy and clean water.


Social Robots - A new tool in health care that may be as effective as a human clinician

A Monash Researcher has found that interactive robots are proving useful in helping people develop and implement healthy lifestyle habits.

Medicine & health

Superbug impact on the gut

Monash University researchers discover how the bacterial superbug Clostridioides difficile hijacks the gut in order to cause serious and persistent disease.

Medicine & health

The suburbs most affected by COVID-19 employment vulnerability

New research from Monash University reveals the Australian suburbs hardest hit by COVID-19 employment vulnerability in the nation’s capital cities.

Design & architecture

Australian study casts doubt on WHO safe standards of air pollution, showing low levels of pollution are deadly.

A study of more than 240,000 death has found even low levels of PM2.5, found in air pollution increases risk of death.

Medicine & health

Monash University scientists uncover pivotal virus structure

Researchers from Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) have revealed the structure of a protein complex that is essential for the poliovirus to replicate. Medicine & health