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eDNA sampling: Assessing the state of species in bushfire-affected areas

Researchers are using the environmental DNA sampling method to effectively assess animal populations in bushfire-affected areas.


Monash tops the field with over $13 million for future fellowships

Monash University researchers have been awarded over $13 million in Future Fellowships which will be used to drive innovation and facilitate industry collaboration to meet important commercial challenges.

University news

Must be dreaming: Eye movements during sleep impact ability to process information

Missed the sound of your baby crying? A study involving Monash University has found dreamers actively suppress important information each time their eyes move during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.

Medicine & health

Last supper: Fish use barbs and spines to fight off hungry seals

Research by Monash University scientists has uncovered the steep price fur seals, and other marine mammals, are willing to pay for their food.

Monash University news

Monash students on a winning streak in global science competition, FameLab

Two Monash University students have taken out the top gongs in Victoria for the international science competition, FameLab.

Monash University news

Monash University leads $36 million global collaboration to secure Antarctica's future

The Federal Government has awarded $36 million to a research program led by Monash University, Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF), through the Australian Research Council.


Tooth be told: Earless seals existed in ancient Australia

A fossilised seal tooth, dating back approximately three million years, found on a Victorian beach proves earless seals existed in Australia in prehistoric times, a Monash University study has found.

Headshot of Georgina Lau and Kealan Pugsley

Monash graduates awarded 2020 Westpac Future Leaders Scholarships

Two exceptional Monash PhD students have been awarded the prestigious Westpac Future Leaders scholarship.

University news

Microalgae, and future food for thought

There's much more to that 'pond scum' than meets the eye – and we may end up eating it.