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gender terror

Christchurch shooting: what's turning young men into killing machines?

A deeper examination of gender is sorely needed to try to prevent further acts of violent extremism and terrorism.

Monash University news

Cutting edge research to help tackle harassment and assault

Monash University will play a role in the development of a groundbreaking new education program to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment in society.

University news
Fish bowl

Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

New research shows that medicines have found their way into Melbourne streams – and the creatures that live in them.

Monash University news

Respect. Now. Always independent review findings

Monash has commissioned an independent report to examine the resources, support systems and processes around reports of sexual harassment and assault at Monash.

University news

Men’s violence against women: the leading threat to women's safety and wellbeing

Men’s violence continues to threaten, restrict and harm the lives of Victorian women at alarming levels.


Justice and the internet: the rise (and risks) of the online vigilante

Internet vigilantism is on the rise, particularly in Asia. Although the risks are obvious, can this online people-power be harnessed to combat cybercrime?


Image-based abuse: when a photo becomes a crime

AFL footballer Dane Swan is the latest victim of illegal photo-sharing. It's believed one in five Australians have had images of them distributed without their permission – and that's most likely an underestimate.


Girls at single-sex schools up to 85% more likely to take advanced STEM subjects than co-ed girls

New research has found that girls in single-sex schools are more likely to study chemistry, intermediate mathematics, advanced mathematics and physics in their senior years.

Learning & teaching

Women’s safety on public transport in Melbourne: best and worst stations rated

The best and worst public transport stations for young women’s safety in central Melbourne has been revealed in a Monash University analysis of public spaces.

Design & architecture