Metered parking

All of our campuses have casual parking areas where you pay for the time you park.

Monash University has a new parking provider - CellOPark Australia. Please ensure you register on the CellOPark app to pay for casual parking as the Pay-by-phone app no longer works.

Please check the campus maps to plan your parking and park in the designated areas at Clayton, Caulfield (multi-level car park only), Parkville and Peninsula.  Wherever you park, be sure to follow the signs to avoid a fine.

Note that some metered areas near our Caulfield campus are not controlled by Monash. Please read the signs to avoid a fine.

There are two ways to pay for your parking: Pay-by-App or Pay-by-Plate.


The easiest way to pay for parking is to use the CellOPark app.

Refer to the CellOPark Guide which explains how to register on the app and start and stop your parking sessions. To get started you need to do the following:

  1. Download the CellOPark app from the App store or Google Play
  2. Enter your mobile number
  3. Complete the registration details: name, email & postcode
    Ensure you include your Student/Staff ID & Institute
  4. If you select Premium reminders there is a monthly fee
  5. Create Password: enter the SMS code & create your password
  6. Set up your credit, debit or pre-paid card
  7. Select Monash University location and ZONE then press START
  8. Finished parking? Press STOP and you'll only pay for the time you park
    If you don't press stop you will be charged the daily maximum rate

You can also: register online at or register by phone: call (03) 9111 1799 or 1300CELLOPARK


Our parking meters are cashless and accept credit, debit or pre-paid Visa card only.
You do not need to display a ticket on your dashboard.

  1. Enter your vehicle registration number at the parking meter
    Avoid a parking ticket and accurately enter the number "0" and letter "O" and don't confuse the number "1" with the letter "I" as the Licence Plate Recognition cameras read the plate correctly.
  2. Select card payment and the amount of time you wish to park.  Press OK to confirm
  3. Tap or insert your credit,debit or pre-paid Visa card
  4. When prompted by the meter "Do you want a receipt?" select "Yes"
  5. Take a photo of the 4-digit code on the meter
  6. Go to the website
  7. Follow the steps and your tax receipt will be emailed to you

Metered parking prices

Prices effective 24 February 2020.

To use and pay for parking simply download the CellOPark app or visit

For location codes please refer to Monash Parking Zones in the drop down menu above.