Parking permits

2019 permits

In 2019 permits can only be purchased and paid for online. Monash Connect will not be able to accept payment on campus.

2019 permits will be valid from 25 February 2019 until 23 February 2020.

2019 Parking permits will be released online at 9.00 am on the following dates:

Even though the 2019 permits allow cross campus travel you will only be permitted to purchase a permit from your home campus.

To log on to purchase a permit students will require their username which is the first part of their email address ("AB001" and their IT password. Staff will need their authcate and password. Using an email will not allow you access to the system.


DateCampusPermit Type
Monday 4 FebruaryPeninsulaBlue and Carpool
Wednesday 6 FebruaryCaulfieldBlue and Carpool
Monday 11 FebruaryClaytonBlue and Carpool


DateCampusPermit Type
Friday 1 FebruaryAllGreen
Friday 1 FebruaryParkvilleRed
Tuesday 5 FebruaryPeninsulaBlue, Red and Carpool
Thursday 7 FebruaryCaulfieldBlue, Red and Carpool
Tuesday 12 FebruaryClaytonBlue, Red and Carpool

Use of Permits on Monash University roads and car parks are subject to the State traffic and parking laws, including the Road Safety Act and Road Rules (Victoria), and the Monash University Parking Rules.