Parking permits

We have moved to Virtual Permits and from 24 February 2020 you will no longer be able to use paper permits.

Purchase your 2020 Parking Permit

2020 permits will be valid from 24 February 2020 until 21 February 2021.

Permit sale dates

Check the permit sale dates.

Staff and students can access the vPermit portal directly using their Monash username and password.

Manage or Purchase a Staff / Student permit

Other permit holders, who are not either Monash University staff or students, need to register an account before purchasing their permit.

Purchase other Permits

Please note that the use of a parking permit on Monash University roads and car parks is subject to the State traffic and parking laws, including the Road Safety Act and Road Rules (Victoria), and the Monash University Parking Rules. Please read these rules prior to purchasing a permit.

2020 Permit prices

Read the Guide or watch the video to learn more about how to purchase a parking permit using the new vPermit system.


The half year permit option is only available to students. Students who buy a half year permit will be contacted in mid-July to see if they want to purchase another half year permit for the second half of the year.


Staff can elect to pay for their permit either by salary sacrifice or by credit/debit card. You will see both these prices in the vPermit portal. If you select to pay by salary sacrifice, there will be no administration fee to be paid and the cost of your parking will be deducted from your fortnightly pay across the full year (this also applies to the pro rata amount).

Permit entitlements

The following outlines the different entitlements for permit types across the University’s campuses.