It’s a certain drive to question the answers and go beyond convention that makes research at Monash different. We believe that great research, when properly applied, can lead to lasting and positive change in the world.

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New parents hold keys to public transport future

First-time parents are ditching public transport and buying cars, contributing to more congestion in and around Melbourne, new Monash University shows.

Engineering & technology 22 July 2019

X-ray mapping enhances potential of lightweight magnesium

Monash University news

A world-first study by Monash University has discovered a technique for creating stronger, lightweight magnesium alloys that could improve structural integrity in the automobile and aerospace industries.

Engineering & technology 19 July 2019

Monash projects awarded $2.6 million to detect and prevent dementia

Identifying middle-aged people at risk of developing dementia, and finding ways to prevent or delay its onset, is the aim of a new Monash University trial about to get underway.

Research 18 July 2019

Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked

​New research brings to light for the first time the evolution of maternal roles and parenting responsibilities in one of our oldest evolutionary ancestors, Australopithecus africanus.

Monash University news

Harnessing the power of t-cells could shield against influenza

​One of the Holy Grails for flu researchers has been to create a vaccine that stimulates T cells – cells in the immune system that can trigger long lasting immunity. But the tricky part has been working out just how to make this happen effectively.

Medicine & health
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