Wellbeing & Sustainability Engagement Manager

Anne Ohlmus
Wellbeing and Sustainability Engagement Manager
990 20856


  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Sustainability


Starting at Monash Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) back in 1990, I was responsible for co-ordinating the vast range of training and information programs offered through OH&S. From 2000-2008, I continued my work with OH&S and Environment, as a Project Manager, where I was responsible for managing a wide range of projects and programs including delivery of the university's 10,000 Steps Challenge. I then moved to my role with Environmental Sustainability where I was responsible for co-ordinating large scale projects and events.  This included administration of the environmental website and newsletter, and the university's Environmental Pledge. 

I now work across OH&S and Sustainability and have a challenge to ensure the management and co-ordination of a wide range of wellbeing and sustainability initiatives.  These include the Staff Wellbeing Activity Program, the 10,000 Steps Challenge, Global Walk Run, and others including the Monash Smoke-Free initiative.

Specialised Expertise:

  • Event management
  • Project Co-ordination