Science student societies

Check out the Science related student societies available at Monash Clayton!

There are a number of science student clubs and societies where you have the opportunity to meet with
like-minded people and enjoy fun social activities such as lunchtime functions,
barbecues, trivia nights, balls and camps.

You can participate in field trips, workshops, conferences; become involved in voluntary environmental and conservation initiatives; and attend careers seminars.

Clubs and societies are also a great way to interact with staff.

Monash Science Society

The Monash Science Society, or the MSS as it is better known, is one of the largest faculty based clubs here at Monash University. We run some of the best and most talked about social events of the year and also some academic functions as well. Some of the events we run are our camp, our absolute amazing ball, a super wet foam party and also our Science Industry Night which is a night of seminars from leading science industry people.mss website

The Society has seats on many different committees within the faculty and also in the wider Monash community. The Society will always provide a voice for its members, letting your opinion be voiced to the whole University. We are always happy to have a chat so come down and meet us in our office, the yellow door under S12 or check out our Facebook page and find out what is happening in the of the MSS.

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The Biological Society

The main objective of the Biological Society is to provide opportunities to students to expand their understanding of all aspects of biology through field trips, conferences with key speakers, career seminars and hands-on conservation initiatives.mbs websiteThe Biological Society is also a way for you to get involved in voluntary environmental and conservation initiatives, including the Regent Honeyeater Habitat Restoration Project in Benalla, and habitat restoration at Jock Marshall Reserve, right here on the Clayton Campus.

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CHAMPS is a club run by postgraduate Chemistry students for the students and staff of the School of Chemistry at Monash University.

Our primary role is to run social and academic related events which:

  • support the needs of Honours and postgraduate students in the school
  • give us all a chance to hang out outside of the labs!champs website
  • give us a chance to engage with staff and student from other groups
  • give 3rd year students a chance to meet some postgrads (so we can warn them!)

In addition, CHAMPS is the connection between the student body and the School of Chemistry, so if you want help with something, come say hi! We're probably at Cinque Lire...

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Mass Cubed – MASS3

If you are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Advanced with Honours or Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program), MASS3 provides a strong social and academic network.mass website The Monash Advanced Science & Science Scholar Society (MASS³) is a club for students enrolled in the Advanced Science, Science Scholar, Science Research and Global Challenges Programs at Monash University Clayton.

Our purpose is to provide strong social and academic networks for high achieving students in university.

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Monash Weather and Climate MWACSmwacs website

Aimed at students with an interest in weather and climate and provides an opportunity for interaction between students, academics and industry bodies interested in atmospheric science.

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