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Alejandra in uniform

Monash student research is the new weapon in Colombia’s fight against drugs

Fresh-faced and hopeful - you would be hard-pressed to pick 32-year-old Alejandra Saavedra as a Colombian police officer who has spent over a decade at the frontline of Colombia’s long anti-drug offensive.

Features and Opinion

Gold digger – scientists identify new areas for gold exploration

Monash University news

A study led by Monash geologists has provided new insights on where gold explorers should consider looking for the precious metal.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 21 February 2020

Down but not out – Climate talks at COP25 inspire young scientists to do even more to protect the environment

Four Master of Environment and Sustainability (MES) students experienced the dream of a lifetime when they were invited to take part in the UN Climate Change COP25 talks in Madrid late last year.

Science 17 February 2020

Sexual reproduction: sometimes it’s just not worth the effort, study finds

Why do most plants and animals engage in sexual reproduction?

Biology 11 February 2020
Eastern Bristlebird

Monash scientists rescue endangered birds from fire

In a dramatic rescue operation, Monash scientists together with Zoos Victoria, Parks Victoria, and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are moving the endangered Eastern Bristlebird to safety as fires continue to threaten important habitats in far East Gippsland region.

Biology 5 February 2020
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