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Tuburiente volcano

Stressed out volcanoes more likely to collapse and erupt, study finds

An international study led by Monash scientists has discovered how volcanoes experience stress. The study, published today in Scientific Reports, has

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 16 October, 2020

Monash study provides new hope for children suffering from rare muscle diseases

Stephen Greenspan and Laura Zah were devastated when they learned their son Alexander had a rare genetic mutation, which causes a deadly neuromuscular disease with no known treatment or cure.

Biology 9 October, 2020

Professor Jessica Purcell appointed Faculty of Science Associate Dean Research

Congratulations to Professor Jessica Purcell from the School of Mathematics on her new appointment as the Faculty’s Associate Dean Research.

General News 30 September, 2020

To kill a quasiparticle: a quantum whodunit

What causes quasiparticle death?

In large systems of interacting particles in quantum mechanics, an intriguing phenomenon often emerges: groups of particles begin to behave like single particles. Physicists refer to such groups of particles

Physics and Astronomy 29 September, 2020

Monash physics research team nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Eureka Prizes

In recognition of its ground-breaking research, a team of physicists at Monash University has been shortlisted as a finalist in this year’s Australian

Physics and Astronomy 29 September, 2020

What happens between the sheets? ‘Floating’ graphene on a bed of calcium atoms

Adding calcium to graphene creates an extremely-promising superconductor, but where does the calcium go?

Physics and Astronomy 21 September, 2020

Elements of surprise: neutron stars contribute little, but something's making gold, research finds

Neutron star collisions do not create the quantity of chemical elements previously assumed, a new analysis of galaxy evolution finds.

Physics and Astronomy 16 September, 2020

New equity index to reward companies acting responsibly on climate change

Companies in the ASX 300 are responsible for an estimated 40% of Australia’s emissions.

Mathematics 9 September, 2020
Black holes are massive

First ever detection of monster black hole collision, 150 times heavier than the Sun

Black holes are massive, right? The first pair of black holes detected were each about 30 times more massive than the Sun. When they merged, the resulting ‘remnant’ was a black hole that was a whopping 60 times more massive

Physics and Astronomy 3 September, 2020