Opportunities in Professor MacFarlane's Research Group

Anyone wishing to discover the wonderful world of ionic liquids should consider joining our group. Members in our group range from undergraduate students up to Professor involved in numerous projects with Professor MacFarlane. We are a multidisciplinary group with diverse skills focused around physical chemistry principles. For potential projects, feel free to discuss these with Prof MacFarlane directly.

Group PictureProfessor MacFarlane's major research interests covers a range of topics including use of ionic liquids in solar cell applications, electrochemistry, batteries, alternative solvents, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology such as protein stabilisers.

Our focus encourages opportunities to collaboratively work with other research groups in our department, and other universities, both nationally such as work undertaken with the University of Wollongong and internationally. We also have projects carried out with other organizations.

Future group members should have a basic background in chemistry and the desire to eagerly learn and participate within the group.