The Honours year provides an opportunity for high achieving students to participate in the research of the School of Biological Sciences during a fourth year of undergraduate study. Our research spans all levels of genetics and biological organisation, from molecules to ecosystems. Projects within the School regularly attract financial support from the Australian Research Council, government agencies, and industry. Our findings, including the results of many honours projects, are reported in some of the world's leading scientific journals.

Students work on a research project in collaboration with one or more supervisors from the School. This involves the completion of a research project (BIO4100) and advanced coursework (BIO4200). The areas of study encompassed in Biology Honours are:

Applying for Honours

Honours Projects and Supervisors

Download the Honours Projects booklet, which provides a comprehensive guide to the host supervisors and their research interests: 2021 Honours Projects (Pdf)

Here's some short clips introducing some of our Academics and their Honours projects:

AcademicAreas of research
John BowmanPlants, Evolution, Genomics, Genetics
Steven ChownEcology, Climate change, Evolution
Matt HallDaphnia, Evolution, Ecology, Sex, Infectious disease
Kay HodginsPlants, Evolution, Climate change, Genomics, Genetics
Travis JohnsonDrosophila, Development, Cell signalling, Genetics, Disease
Rebecca Koch-AdrianDrosophila, Evolution, Mitochondria
Francine MarquesMice, Microbiome, Fibre, Blood pressure
Dustin MarshallMarine ecology, Evolution, Physiology
Anne Peters
Birds, Evolution, Ecology
Sridevi SureshkumarPlants, Genetics, Disease
Sureshkumar BalasubramanianPlants, Genetics, Epigenetics, Disease

Honours Information Session

You can listen to Dr Matt Piper talking about Honours here.

If you have any questions please email: sci-biohonours.coordinator@monash.edu

More Information about Honours

Read all the FAQs before applying.

Important Dates

  • Semester 1 start (2021): mid-February 2021
  • Semester 2 start (2021): mid-July 2021
  • Note: Honours training commences on the dates listed above. Students should ensure they are available to attend this two week training period.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Honours Projects booklet that is published each semester. Use this to find suitable projects and supervisors.
  2. If possible, attend the School of Biological Sciences Honours information session that is held each semester. Also attend the Faculty of Science information session.
  3. Email potential supervisors to express your interest and organise a meeting. We recommend you outline your interests, explain why you want to do Honours, and include your academic transcripts.
  4. If you have tried to arrange a project, but are struggling to find a project or supervisor, please contact the Honours Co-ordinator for assistance and advice.
  5. Complete the School of Biological Sciences Project Preference Form: Semester 1 (Full time) OR Semester 1 (Part time) OR Semester 2 (Full time). There is no part time offering for a Semester 2 start. Please forward the Google form response email to Kate Elliott, cc'ing in your supervisor.
  6. Complete the Faculty of Science Online Honours Application.*

Submission dates for the School of Biological Sciences Project Preference Form and Faculty of Science Online Application:

  • Semester 1 (FT and PT) applications due 13 November 2020.
  • Semester 2 applications due June 2021.

External applications: Please contact the Honours Co-ordinator for assistance with applying for Honours.

*Science Advanced - Research students do not need to complete Step 6.

Contact Information

Honours Co-ordinator (BIO4100 - Research Project)
Dr Matt Piper
E: sci-biohonours.coordinator@monash.edu

Honours Deputy Co-ordinator (BIO4200 - Advanced Coursework)
E: sci-biohonours.coordinator@monash.edu

Education Program Manager
Kate Elliott
E: Kate.Elliott@monash.edu