An Honours year in Chemistry is offered to students who have achieved good chemistry grades at level three. The major component is an advanced research project.

The honours booklet is intended to provide an overview of the research activities within the School of Chemistry and give you an indication of the Honours projects that are available in 2019. You are invited to study the offerings and to speak with the Research Supervisors listed and/or the people within their research groups.

Current 3rd year students will be eligible to do Chemistry Honours (Clayton) in 2019 providing they fulfil the requirements and a supervisor is available. Students will be allocated to supervisors and projects on the basis of their third year results and their personal choice. The School of Chemistry has guidelines on allocation of Honours students. Great care is taken to ensure that all students are treated fairly and that they will generally be allocated to the area and supervisor of their choice, but this is not always possible. Past experience indicates that most students will receive either their first or second preference.

All Honours candidates must speak to at least four potential supervisors before choosing their preferred project.  They should then select at least three potential supervisors and projects in order of preference.  Supervisors indicated with an asterisk will be involved with students undertaking jointly supervised projects only.

Please note that the project descriptions are very short and full details are given when speaking to supervisors.

2019 intake Honours applications close on Monday 17th November 2018.
(Late applications maybe accepted in consultation with Chemistry Honours Coordinator).
We look forward to seeing you in the School's Research Laboratories.

Further information

Associate Professor Michael Grace
Honours Coordinator
Phone: +61 3 9905 4078
Email: Michael.Grace@monash.edu