2 September 2019

Prof Guy Jameson

Title: Thiol dioxygenases: New reactions and new intermediates.

9 September 2019

Prof Eleanor Stride

Title: Engineering bubbles for ultrasound imaging and therapy

16 September 2019

Prof Christian Hackenburger

Title: The power of chemoselectivity: Functional protein-conjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting.

17 September 2019

Prof Christopher Barner-Kowollik

Title: Controlling Macromolecular Reactivity with Different Colours of Light

23 September 2019

Prof Michelle Coote

Title: Catalyzing and Controlling Chemical Reactions with Electric Fields

24 September 2019

Dr Ganna (Anya) Gryn'ova

Title: Crossing Electronic Bridges: Computational Chemistry of Molecular Junctions

30 September 2019

Dr James Hutchinson

Title: Rabi chemistry: organic molecules and 2D semiconductors in optical cavities

7 October 2019

Dr Adam Woodward

Title: Multiphoton and Upconversion Processes in Transition Metal and f-Element Containing Systems.

14 October 2019

Dr Sinead Keaveney

Title: Developing synthetic methodology: from ionic liquid solvents effects to transition metal catalysis and photocatalysis

21 October 2019

Prof Christian Hartinger

Title: TBC

28 October 2019

Dr Georgina Such

Title: TBC