Dr Laurent Ailleres - Honours Projects

Structural Geophysics in the Yilgarn, Western Australia

Supervisor: Robin Armit, Laurent Ailleres
Field of Study: Structural geophysics, structural analysis, gold mineralisation
Support Offered: All travel, field, analytical & thesis-preparation costs
Collaborating Organisation: Northern Star Resources
Preferred Program: Honours (2 projects)

The two proposed honours project will involve integrating geochemical interpretations from the recent drill results into structural interpretations based on geophysical data and field mapping in the Kundana region of the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia. The projects are supported by Northern Star Resources and will require fieldwork based in Kalgoorlie during the first half of the honours year. The projects will include field mapping across outcrop areas and integration with high resolution geophysical datasets and available drill core logging to provide an understanding of the structural evolution of the region and implications for Au mineralisation.

For further details contact: Robin Armit or Laurent Ailleres

Please contact Laurent Ailleres directly for further information regarding Honours projects