Prof. Michael Reeder - Honours Projects

The dynamics of the onset of the northern Australian monsoon

Supervisers: Sugata Narsey and Michael Reeder
Field of Study: Atmospheric Science

Most of the rainfall over northern Australia occurs between December and April, and is critical to life in the region. However, this rain does not fall at a steady and continuous rate throughout the season - instead it occurs sporadically in bursts that can last from days to weeks followed by relatively dry breaks in the monsoonal rain that last for similar periods. The first of these heavy rainfall bursts is often referred to as the onset of the Australian monsoon. In this project, you will investigate the dynamics of the onset of the monsoon, and especially the influence of mid-latitude and tropical disturbances. The project will build on the recent discoveries of Berry and Reeder (2016) and Narsey et al. (2017).

Berry, G. J., and M. J. Reeder. 2016. The dynamics of bursts in the Australian monsoon. J. Atmos. Sci., 73, 55 – 69.
Narsey, S., M. J. Reeder, D. Ackerley, and C. Jakob. 2017. A mid-latitude influence on Australian monsoon bursts. J. Clim., 30, 5377 – 5393.