Prof. Peter Betts - Honours Projects

Structural and sedimentary analysis of sub-basin architecture in the southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory

Supervisor: Robin Armit, Peter Betts
Field of Study: Structural geology, Structural Geophysics, Sedimentology, geochronology, Zn mineralisation
Support Offered: All travel, field, analytical & thesis-preparation costs
Collaborating Organisation: Teck Resources
Preferred Program: Honours (1 project)

The proposed honour project will involve developing a structural architecture of sub-basins in the southern McArthur Basin, Northern Territory and integrating geochemical, sediment provenance with geochronology to determine source and basin framework favourable for the development of volcanogenic and siliciclastic packages (source and traps) in Palaeoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic successions. The projects is supported by Teck Resources, a large (top 20) global mining company.

For further details contact: Robin Armit or Peter Betts

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