Prof. Roberto Weinberg - Honours Projects

Mapping and Seismic Line Interpretation in the Yilgarn Craton

Supervisor(s): Roberto Weinberg
Field of study: Igneous petrology, structural geology
Projects available: 1
Support Offered: Support for field work through Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA)
Collaborating organisation(s): GSWA

  • Funded by the Geological Survey of Western Australia.
  • They have five brand new seismic lines that need interpretation and linking with surface geology and gold deposits.
  • This project will give a wide exposure to different approaches and an insight into working in Surveys.
  • Field work in the Eastern Goldfields in the Yilgarn.

For futher information contact: Roberto Weinberg

Interpretation of the structural evolution of the Neoproterozoic Dom Feliciano belt, Southern Brazil from airborne magnetic and radiometric data

Supervisor(s): Robin Armit and Roberto Weinberg
Field of study: Geophysics, Structural geology
Projects available: 1

This study will use airborne magnetic and radiometric data to interpret the distribution and structural evolution of Neoproterozoic granitic magmatism and overprinting shear zones in the Dom Feliciano belt of southern Brazil. Limited outcrops has led to inaccurate geological mapping in the region. This project aims at producing a map of the different granite types and shear zones, clearly visible in the geophysical images, and derive their geological history: their temporal evolution and the kinematics of the shear zones.

For further details contact: Robin Armit

Wilson’s Promontory: igneous petrology

Supervisor(s):  Oliver Nebel, Roberto Weinberg
Field of study: Igneous petrology, isotope geochemistry/geochronology
Projects available: 1
Support Offered: field work and laboratory access

Details of proposed project. The granitic rocks exposed in Wilson’s Promontory show evidence of mixing with mafic magmas and assimilation of crustal rocks. This project will focus on better understanding the processes and their impact on the isotopic composition of the rocks and the nature and composition of the zircons that we will use to date magma crystallization. The project will include field work and sample collection and lab work where you will become acquainted with basic techniques to date igneous rocks and understand their origin.

For further details contact: Oliver Nebel