Dr. Vanessa Wong - Honours Projects

Characterising wetland soils

Supervisor(s): Vanessa Wong
Field of study: Soil chemistry

Coastal wetlands are important biodiversity hotspots and host to abundant bird and fish species in unique ecosystems. Coastal wetlands are also frequently underlain by acid sulfate soils, which can adversely impact on soil and water quality when water levels drop. Our understanding of acid sulfate soils in Victoria in terms of both spatial distribution and characterisation is currently limited. This project will identify the distribution and characterise acid sulfate soils in important wetlands for improved and targeted land and water management of these ecosystems.

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Closing the loop: how does the application of waste materials to agricultural land change soil properties and influence plant growth?

Supervisor(s): Vanessa Wong and A/Prof Tony Patti (School of Chemistry)
Field of study: Soil chemistry,

Our society generates large volumes of waste materials from industrial, residential and commercial activities. The organic waste that is generated can include biosolids, composts and discarded food. Due to the volume that is generated and the cost of disposal, many organisations are seeking alternative uses for their waste materials. One process is to value-add to this material by applying it to agricultural land as a fertiliser. This project will characterise waste materials provided by collaborating organisations, and assess their potential to improve soil properties and plant growth.

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